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  • Needs to create the manifest.json file
  • Packages the firmware updates using packager
  • Uses the update API to start updates or execute roll backs.


The SwUpdate framework provides the following features:

  • First-Time Installation of a user application during production using USB or cloud service.
  • Running and monitoring a user application (cc).
  • If enabled and feasible, crash logs and memory dumps, which can be uploaded to a cloud service.
  • Automatically restart user application if it should crash.
  • Rollback of failed firmware updates.
  • An application API that allows the installation of updates and execute rollbacks triggered by the user application GUI.
  • Genuity check of provided update files using elliptic curve signatures.


  • idaboot - Bootloader, which executes the A or B firmware version (consisting of Kernel, Device Tree, Root filesystem, A7 and M4 user application)
  • updater - Process, which starts the application, monitors it and executes updates
  • cc - Place holder user application, that executes the first-time installation
  • packager - Allows building and signing update packages

Cloud only components

  • fw-update - Microservice, that verifies if an update is available for a device and delivers the update components
  • crash-log - Microservice, that collects crash logs, that are created by the updater